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How We Fight Hunger

Our wholesale buying power combined with decades of expertise and strategic partnerships allow us to maximize resources, meeting the needs of all hungry Marylanders through carefully tailored feeding programs.

Join us. Together we can end hunger in Maryland.

3 meals

buying power of every dollar donated

92 percent

of MFB’s resources go directly to program services

37 million+

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Nutrition: Encouraging Healthy Choices for Food-Insecure Marylanders

We’re providing access to more nutritious foods and making sure hungry Marylanders have the resources and knowledge to make healthier choices

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The Food First Grant Program is designed to expand partner capacity, strengthening our network. The grant money will be used for a variety of capacity-building projects aimed at increasing the amount of food partners distribute, expanding their service hours, transporting and handling perishable foods, and providing additional services to help clients address the root causes of hunger.

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Facing Hunger in Maryland: Dorothy Wilson

Facing Hunger in Maryland means different things to different people. For some, it’s dealing with the uncertainty of not knowing where their next meal will come from; for others, it’s trying to help their hungry neighbors in need. Then there are people like Dorothy Wilson, who has experienced both sides of facing hunger in Maryland.

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